We are no longer playing Day of Infamy!

We are no longer playing Day of Infamy!

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Welcome to the 508th PIR Official Website! We are a realism unit based in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and are looking to pave the way! If this interests you, we are always looking for new members. You can Enlist by going to the forums and making an account and posting an Enlistment. As a Realism Unit we follow the same structure the military does with Ranks, Chain of Command, along with many other elements. We Currently have 5 Servers in RS:2 and they are some of the most populated in the game. We have a Teamspeak that our members are encouraged to join and chat with fellow members.  Remember join in the conversation on the forums!

508th RS2 Campaign Servers

It has been a while since we have posted an update on the homepage. We are going to work hard on staying on top of this and keep our website up to date. We apologize for the lack of updates.


The 508th PIR is currently running 6 servers with campaign mode. We are running 3 out of Chicago and 3 out of New York.

Chicago Servers:

  1. Chicago CAMPAIGN. All campaign maps. Normal campaign length version.

  2. Chicago TE CAMPAIGN. TE only maps. Long campaign length version.

  3. Chicago CAMPAGIN 2. All campaign maps. Long campaign length version.

New York Server:

  1. New York CAMPAGIN. All campaign maps. Long campaign length version.

  2. New York CAMPAIGN #2. All Campaign maps. Normal campaign length version.

  3. New York TE CAMPAIGN. TE only maps. Normal campaign length version.


We are also looking into adding custom maps into the campaign and see how that works out. Stay tuned!

If you come across any issues with maps or campaign mode, PLEASE let us know on the forums.

We are no longer active in Day of Infamy community.

The 508th PIR has decided to cease all Day of Infamy related activity effective immediately.

We thank our fellow players and realism units in the Day of Infamy community for playing and supporting us the past couple years. However we believe that all things must come to an end and it is time to move on. We have decided to focus ONLY on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam as of right now.

The forums and websites will be edited to reflect these changes soon. Please be sure to check us out on Rising Storm 2, we will see you on the battlefield.

-508th PIR

508th PIR & 325th GIR First Scrim

Thank you to Captain. Loucks of the 325th GIR for getting with us to set up this scrim. This was the 508th first scrim in a while. Both teams fought the good fight but in the end there could only be one winner.

Congratulations to our 508th members who successfully won this scrim!

We hope to continue having these scrims with the 325th in the future.

If any other units wishes to set up a scrim, please contact our liaison Sgt. B. Wookie.

FORUM UPDATE ON 16/08/2017






12:00AM EST / 9:00PM PST (Tuesday 15th)

We ask that you cease all forum activity before this time to ensure that the forum update will commence smoothly.

We thank you for your understanding.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Debut!

We are proud to announce that the 508th PIR has officially branched into Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The branching process involved the creation of “Dog Company” to accommodate our new members from the RS2 community. While we do have two separate companies running, we are still united as one unit, one community. RS2 players who are looking for a more defined experience will find a place among our ranks as the 508th employs tactics and strategies in our game-play, adding a sense of realism to the RS2.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam & Website Update

We are currently in the process of setting up a new branch of the 508th in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. We hope to bring with us the same realism experience that many of our members enjoy within Day of Infamy. The members of both branches will be able to interact with each other as it is still the same community. We currently have one server up in Rising Storm 2. Be sure to be on the look out for the server tagged 508th PIR!

We are also currently in the process of updating the 508th website as a whole so please feel free to access the forums if you wish to enlist or inquire about the 508th PIR.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary To The 508th!


December 16th, 2015 will be a day that we shall forever remember! On this fated day the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment was created and set foot in the Insurgency mod “Day of Infamy”!

All of us at the HQ want to thank everyone that is here with us today as well as members that have been in the 508th in the past! Thanks to all of you we have been able to work together to create this community! Not only has it surpassed our expectations on what we believe it would be like in a year; it has crushed them! We hope that in the future one year from now we will look back at this year and see that we are still growing and still having fun as we are now!

We all wish you a happy holidays this year and hope that you all spend time with your families and enjoy this years end and lets make sure that next year will be even better!

Remember Red Devils Bring Fury From the Sky!

– 508th PIR Head Quarter’s

Captain. B. Price, 2nd Lieutenant. P. Revan, First Sergeant. M. Speirs,

                      Master Sergeant. M. Honcho, Technical Sergeant. J. Daro