508th PIR & 325th GIR First Scrim

Thank you to Captain. Loucks of the 325th GIR for getting with us to set up this scrim. This was the 508th first scrim in a while. Both teams fought the good fight but in the end there could only be one winner.

Congratulations to our 508th members who successfully won this scrim!

We hope to continue having these scrims with the 325th in the future.

If any other units wishes to set up a scrim, please contact our liaison Sgt. B. Wookie.

Thank you to all who showed up:

508th PIR

Cpt. Nguyen
1Lt. G. Marcojos
FSgt. A. Eldwin
SSgt. F. Mannus
SSgt. A. Thornton
Sgt. M. Lit
Sgt. J. Zoid
Sgt. B. Wookie
Pfc. Spade
Pfc. C. Giroux
Pvt. D. Haney
Pvt. E. Helene
Pvt. A. Fury

325th GIR

Capt. Loucks
1Sgt. Raney
S/Sgt. Goblin
Sgt. Savino
Cpl. Kropp
Cpl. Allistair
Pfc. Meyer
Pfc. Reese
Pvt. Antoci
Pvt. Stone
Pvt. O’keef
Pvt. Nixon
Pvt. Radar