HLL – Patch #1 – June 13th

We’re excited to bring you on the patch and update journey with us. We’re aiming to patch as frequently as possible to make sure your experience keeps improving. We know there are so many things people are looking forward to and we’re excited to get them in. While we’ve got some exciting large features coming in our first Update (due mid July), we are keen to continue optimising and improving the game across the board. You can find the changelog for our first patch below:

  • Lowered total recoil for MP40, STG, BAR and Thompson.
  • Reduced time it takes for suppression to subside (we will be revisiting this as per community and dev feedback – including changing the nature of the “flinch”).
  • All bullet headshots now kill (previously there were instances where a player could survive a headshot).
  • The Kar98k now kills at a longer range with less damage fall-off beyond that.
  • The M1 Garand has less severe damage fall-off.
  • Shortened the delay between the M1 Garand reload and returning to fire (we will still work on this).
  • Shortened the delay between firing the Kar98k and bolting (we will still work on this).
  • Lifted the vault and mantle height to 160cm to allow players to climb out of trenches much easier, but to maintain the blocking factor of high walls (which cannot be climbed).
  • Reduced bloom on tank viewports so the sunlight isn’t blinding in Foy.
  • Commander periscope now uses mouse instead of WASD in order to buff its usefulness. We want to reward the commander slot with the ability to quickly be the eyes and ears for the crew.
  • Added a slider that allows players to change the time body-parts take to despawn. If you are running on a minimum spec machine we recommend lowering this. This won’t let you despawn them instantly, but it will let you lower it from the 5 minute standard which we suspect is putting enormous drain on lower end machines and contributing to spiked FPS issues (an artillery strike or bombing run can cause upwards of 70-100 individual body-parts that need to be tracked in every direction).
  • Large vram texture memory optimisations across all character models. This should take some burden away from graphics cards.
  • Added the ability to change ADS sensitivity as a separate option in the options menu.
  • Added a number for mouse sensitivity (instead of only a slider).
  • Added a HELP button for when players receive a “no compatible servers found” message in the server browser.
  • Double clicking a server in the server browser now joins you to the server.
  • Players are no longer kicked for being idle if using a mouse in the deployment menu.
  • Tank HUD indicators have been updated to behave the same as infantry ones, and only show occupied positions.
  • We’ve implemented a scroll bar on the server browser so it’s more obvious that you can scroll down to see more servers.
  • Improved TPP animation when rotating with the M1 Carbine and the Springfield.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where players could not launch the title with all audio devices disabled.
  • Made it easier for players to walk out of foxholes (no more need for awkward jump/vaulting).
  • Fixed a bug where players appeared to perform the climb or vault animation when viewed by another player as they deployed.
  • Fixed a bug where players could see through blood spatters on objects.
  • Fixed a bug where players appeared to teleport to another part of the map while vaulting.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to equip or un-equip helmets while on the deployment and ‘You Have Died’ screens.
  • Corrected the arrow colour for German teams when entering a strong point.
Community Servers:
  • Added RCon feature to set an idle kick time.
  • Added password option to community servers.
  • Updated bullet fly-by sounds to make them more prominent.
  • Locked down several aspects of the title on both server and client side.
Known Issues:
  • Distance teleporting (we’re aware of what is causing this and we’re dialling in on a fix for patch 2).
  • Server browser issues (this is a variety of different issues relating to UE4 games and Steam’s server listing. We’re dialling in on a fix for patch 2).
  • Memory leaks (we’re currently dialling in the cause of this).
  • New sector markers on HUD are too large and obstructive. These will be altered in Patch #2.
Currently working on:

(non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea):

  • Leaning using Q and E (we are aiming for implementing this in patch 2)
  • Making vaulting more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Ambient cornering and momentum lean on player movement (this makes all sprinting look far more natural when a player is changing direction at range).
  • Additional RCON commands.
  • Unit management functions (kick/invite and lock).
  • Optimisations.
  • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting).
  • Bullet penetration.
  • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
  • Vehicles.
  • Flamethrowers.
  • More maps.
  • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
  • Broader animation systems.
  • Tweaking gunplay.
  • Updating all audio and SFX.

If you’re keen to follow along, you can see our roadmap below:

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