Our History

The Beginning

The 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment was formed in 2006 lead by the still current leader; Brandon Price. Together with a few close gaming friends he decided to create a community following the expansion of the "Realism" concept that had been growing within the FPS shooter "Day of Defeat". Using the best World War 2 shooter at the time as the scenario for a gaming community started giving many people an idea. What if we made a community with a military aspect? Thus, "Units" were born, a gaming community haven for those people who not only enjoyed gaming but also enjoyed living in history. 

While the unit was filled with members who loved Day of Defeat 1.3 and the realism mods that the game brought to the table. There unfortunately was a growing pain for the unit only months after it was formed. Day of Defeat 1.3 in 2006 was now considered an "old" game with many new World War 2 shooters coming out such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Day of Defeats own sequel Day of Defeat: Source. With new recruits becoming scarce the 508th faced its biggest growing pain. Moving to a new game, something which it will soon experience many times.



Mid-Life Stability

With the end of 2006 arriving the 508th made its decision to move into the latest World War 2 game Day of Infamy! With the new game engine, and wide interest from the gaming community the 508th not only became the biggest unit to move into Day of Infamy at the time but quickly became the biggest unit in the Realism community thanks to its high level of military simulation and community life balance that it gave its members. Utilizing the ability to mod the game the 508th pioneered in making sure that its servers gave the most realistic gameplay to its players possible at the time without causing a huge learning curve or making the smooth action styled gameplay feel "clunky".

Day of Infamy could be considered the 508th PIR's "hayday". The unit saw remarkable attendance from its large active community of over 100+ members as well as huge support from normal everyday players who loved the gameplay that the 508th uniquely offered. Maintaining four 24/7 active servers in the game located around the world, anyone from anywhere could enjoy the experience that only the 508th could offer. From this point on, the unit continued large as ever until more modern shooters became available and the 508th had to repeat the cycle of transferring to new more popular games to keep the community interested, stable and healthy. With constant performance issues and unreliable updates Day of Infamy was not a place the unit could call home, it was only a temporary bed for it to rest its head until the next big game was created. 

That game would be the 508th's biggest change. The newest game that would peak the units interest; Rising Storm 2. Rising Storm 2 was a fantastic FPS game but it was set in the historical period of the Vietnam War. This was something that the unit had to adjust to and change nearly every aspect. To make sure that it still provided the most accurate, and fun military simulation experience to its community. With some hard work and many hours the unit finally felt at home in Rising Storm 2 (RS2). Working hard to maintain a healthy community, with three fully active servers 24/7 the RS2 community also accepted and loved the 508th PIR.

The Unknown Frontier

While we are still providing multiple active servers in RS2 the 508th has decided to take the unknown frontier plunge again. Wanting to revisit the popular history of World War 2 with a brand new title. We are excited to announce that the 508th will be parachuting into Hell Let Loose (HLL)! Going back to our roots feels wonderful and with such new and exciting gameplay being offered by HLL we could not stand still and watch this opportunity fly past us like flak from an AA gun. We are uncertain of what the future holds for our members but we can only hope that it is as exciting and glorious as our previous 13 years have been!

We cannot wait to see you on the ground! Remember to always bring Fury From The Sky!

                   -The 508th PIR Community

x3 Hell Let Loose Game Keys